Change is for the brave

In the last 100 years very little legislation has been enacted to help ordinary people in times of personal crisis. The Old-Age Pensions Act 1908, National Insurance Act 1911 and National Health Service Acts 1946/1947 which were 'groundbreakers' are among the few.

The three main political parties cannot say they have not had the time to make beneficial changes for all, but they have been disinclined. Instead they have largely concentrated on providing favourable circumstances for large Corporations to thrive...... and they have.

Since MPs are 'voting fodder' and rarely vote against their party they will never be deselected. In fact for most of them it's a job for life. So M.P's have no reason to be dynamic, they are more frightened by their Party leader than the electorate.

You can change this complacency.

Go to the Menu Page and look up your M.P.'s performance at the last two General Elections.

General Election 2010 Totals
Registered Voters 45,597,461
Total Votes Cast 29,991,471
Non-Voters 15,605,990
Conservatives 10,698,394 (306 Seats)
Labour 8,609,527 (258 Seats)
Liberal Democrats 6,836,824 (57 Seats)
Scottish National Party 491,386 (6 Seats)
Green Party 285,616 (1 Seat)
Independent 229,021 (1 Seat)
Sinn Fein 171,942 (5 Seats)
Democratic Unionist Party 168,216 (8 Seats)
Plaid Cymru 165,394 (3 Seats)
Social Democratic and Labour Party 110,970 (3 Seats)
Aliance Party Northern Ireland 42,762 (1 Seat)
General Election 2015 Totals
Registered Voters 46,354,197 650 Seats
Total Votes Cast 30,800,164
Non-Voters 15,554,033
Speaker 1
Conservatives 11,334,226 330 Seats
Labour 9,347,273 232 Seats
Scottish National Party 1,454,436 56 Seats
Liberal Democrats 2,415,916 8 Seats
Democratic Unionist Party 184,260 8 Seats
Sinn Fein 176,232 4 Seats
Plaid Cymru 181,704 3 Seats
Social Democratic and Labour Party 99,809 3 Seats
Ulster Unionist Party 114,935 2 Seats
Green Party 1,118,425 1 Seat
UKIP 3,881,099 1 Seat
Independent 101,897 1 Seat